Water Tanks

Adelante Africa has started a project, with the support of Leaping frog publications U.K. to build homemade water tanks to harvest water from the roofs of homesteads. Each tank costs around 75 euros to build. People organise themselves into groups of neighbours. Each family in the group has to contribute something towards the cost of the tank, either money or their time. When the group is ready, Adelante Africa hires a lorry to drop off the raw materials at the homesteads. They are taught how to construct the tanks and then they build them cooperatively one by one. 26 tanks have already been constructed with another 104 planned.

The process. Stage 1 making the base
The process stage 2 putting concrete on the base
stage 3 filling the sack on the base with sand
stage 4 the sack is filled. time to put cement on the outside
Stage 5 a family with their new tank
boy collecting water to take to school
children carrying water home
children collecting carrying water home 2
children collecting water
children getting water from the well
father with his children and home made water tank