Who are we?

How Adelante Africa started

Adelante Africa started when a lorry being used by an ordinary group of visitors from Spain travelling in Uganda and Rwanda broke down next to a community school dedicated to orphans, very poor and refugee children. The group met the children, some of the teachers and the headmaster.

When they asked the headmaster what his school needed, expecting to hear “books” or “paper and pencils” he said what they really needed was a new and properly equipped school. The group was so impressed with the efforts of the local community to keep the school going and their obvious need that they decided to do something.

When they got back to Spain they started to look for people at home and in the international community to provide the funds to rebuild and equip the school.

This video covers the beginnings of Adelante Africa and the rebuilding of St Joseph’s School.

After this first project, Adelante África has continued to support different projects in the community. These include:

  • Medical care for the children and teachers at St Joseph’s.
  • Looking for sponsors so that orphans and very poor children can continue their studies into secondary education.
  • A home for abandoned children.
  • A FAL (adult literacy) project which teaches useful information at the same time as reading and writing.
  • Economic empowerment projects.