Eat Greens campaign

As part of a District wide campaign to encourage a higher consumption of fruit and vegetables we are carrying out an Eat Greens campaign. People make co-operative groups. These groups apply for free vegetable seeds, some traditional and some imported, from Adelante Africa. They make communal nursery beds from which each member of the group can take seedlings to grow at their homesteads. When their projects are successful and they have plenty of green vegetables, they are asked to donate some of these to the children of the Omwaana Tugende Children’s Home.

Communal seed beds
Greens for lunch!
Harvesting greens in the children's Home
One of the mothers group with their communal seed beds
Seedlings ready to be transplanted
Vegetable garden at the Children's Home
Cauliflower and cabbage at the Children's Home
Group of mothers and grandmothers planning their Greens project
Leek at the children's Home
Swiss chard at the Children's Home