Chicken Vaccination Programme

The aim of this project is for the children in the Omwaana Tugenda Children’s Home to eat at least 3 eggs a week.

Almost all of the chickens belonging to local people die of the Newcastle virus. Only the most well-off in the villages vaccinate their chickens as you cannot buy fewer than 100 doses and the vaccine needs to be refrigerated. This is not realistic for most local people who have fewer than 10 chickens and no electricity! For that reason, in August 2014 Adelante Africa bought vaccines and 11 thermos flasks and launched a chicken vaccination programme, vaccinating nearly 5,000 chickens against the prevalent Newcastle disease. This August . The vaccinations were organized by the F.A.L. and carried out by 22 volunteers, 2 per village. The Government vet trained then trained the F.A.L. volunteers.

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With the thermos flasks, which had ice and a syringe with vaccine dangling on the end of a piece of wool in them, the F.A.L. volunteers vaccinated nearly 5,000 chickens in 2 days. It cost just over 300 euros.

The Moral: … sometimes you don’t need large sums of money to make a difference, but what you do need is local people willing to give up their time for the health of their communities.

Here is a video about vaccination a chicken. –>