Doctors in Uganda

Update April 2019

6 doctors including a general surgeon, a plastic surgeon, a gynacologist, a anaesthetist, an endocrinologist and a paediatrician came to Uganda.

over 200 patients screened.

over 60 operations carried out including hernias, humours, plastic surgery on patients with burns or who had been in road accidents.

a caesarean birth where the paediatrician saved the life of the baby (the mother said she would call the baby Nelson after him.)

2 doctors visited local state schools and talked to the children about healthy habits and preventing disease.

a meeting with the Igayaza Diabetics Association where the tested the members and left them with glucometres and strips so they can test themselves.

On the last day the District Chairperson and the District Health Officer came to the clinic to thank them for their help. They gave them a framed appreciation letter.