The Doctors visit again!

A team of Spanish doctors, co-ordinated by Dr Guillermo Serrano run a surgical camp along with Ugandan medical staff in Uganda. The first surgical camp was at Kasubi Hospital in Entebbe but since then the doctors have worked in the Kakindo IV Health Centre. This is in a very poor rural district called Kakumiro with a high incidence of vulnerable families and illiteracy. The people they operate on would have no chance of being able to afford this under normal circumstances.

The doctors come from different Spanish hospitals, notably Ramon y Cajal, Fundacion Jimenez Diaz and Gregorio Marañon in Madrid. They pay their own plane fares and Adelante Africa provides transport and living expenses while in Uganda.The District Health Office provides the local health team which supports the Spanish doctors while they are there.

Apart from the surgical camp a Spanish dermatologist, Dra Lucia Turrión Merino, set up a dermatology hotline by which Ugandan doctors can send photos of skin problems to a team of dermatologists in Spain who advise on diagnosis and treatment.

There is also a self-help Diabetics Association, visited and advised by Dr Alba Galdon, an endocrinologist based in Madrid who also raised money to donate glucometers which are distributed and used to test for diabetes in many villages.

Here is a letter written by the District authorities thanking the doctors for the work they do.

Update February 2018

5 doctors including 3 surgeons, 1 anaesthetist and 1 endocrinologist visited Uganda in February 2018.

180 patients screened
47 patients operated on including 28 hernias, 1 appendicectomy, 1 cleft lip, 2 tumours with fluids and 1 benign parotid tumour excision.
33 patients with hernias on a waiting list for the next camp.
2 Ugandan doctors trained in Spanish surgical techniques
1 Ugandan anaesthetist worked in conjunction with his Spanish counterpart.
A large meeting for diabetics was held, attended by people from over the entire sub-county and with the LCIII Chairperson, councillors and religious leaders present.

Update May 2017

A visit by Spanish doctors to Kakumiro resulted in the following figures ….

170 patients screened
51 patients operated on including an acute peritonitis.
25 patients on a waiting list for next year.
2 Ugandan doctors trained in Spanish surgical techniques.
2 government health clinics visited and given a testing system for diabetes
2 groups of women (the Igayaza Sewing Group and the Kiseke F.A.L.) visited and a dialogue about healthy diets set up.
Everyone involved felt the visit was a great success and the doctors are planning to return next year (or even sooner!) for a longer period of time to reach more patients.