Meeting to promote sunflowers

In August a joint meeting organised by World Vision and Adelante Africa was attended by 95 leaders of co-operative farmer groups and of the local community. It was led by Ocen Geoffrey, Production Officer of World Vision and Mubiru Ssenkema Paul, The Agriculture Officer of Birembo sub county.

These officials were supporting the Adelante Africa initiative to begin a new cottage industry to produce sunflower oil. The initiative is also supported at national level by the Rural Electrification Agency, which is providing the electrical transformer and connection to the warehouse.

This industry will:
– Provide local farmers with an important alternative cash crop to maize.
– Provide employment for local people.

All profits will be used to help make the Omwaana Tugende Children’s Home sustainable.

We hope to begin production in September!

Seasonal sunflower calendar
Sub-county agricultural officer
Who wants to sow sunflowers?