AQUASAFE Water Filters

Recently two CEOs, Peter Nyeko from Mandulis Energy and Kevin from Aqus Water visited the Adelante Africa projects and left water filters at the Children’s Home, St Joseph’s and the AA secondary school. Many people from around came to see the demonstration. These filters are cheap and a way to get clean drinking water without the daily drudge of collecting firewood. As such they will also help stop the deforestation that is sadly rampant in the area. 

Here is what one of the caretakers from the Home wrote to me in the evening ….. “Oh woow no more boiling water ,I wish you have been here to see a muzungu taking stagnant water which was very dirty but filtered in white pure water like Rwenzori mineral water.

“We could all not believe not until we saw by ourselves – No more sickness!”

Thank you Kevin and Peter for making the long,wet and muddy journey and for bringing this important technology to our area!