Updates from the Children’s Home

The Omwaana Tugende Children’s Home is nearly full. Over the summer there were 64 children with every bed occupied. Since then eight children have been found new homes and a family of three others has being admitted. Two of the resettled children have gone to live with families in the area who initially took them over weekends and holidays in the visiting homes programme. This programme continues to be a source of happiness for everyone involved and plays a vital role in keeping the children in touch with the community and normal family life.


We now have three very young children, one is the son of one of the care workers and the other two have siblings in the Home. They are much loved by all. So is the one child we have with physical and mental disabilities. We have been trying to find some help for Tugume, and have been touch with a school in Kakumiro that has a unit for handicapped children. They have lent us a simple machine to help Tugume stand up. The ultimate objective is for him to be able to walk, eat and use the latrine on his own, as they are not able to take him in until he is able to do these things for himself.

Below you can see the four houses which make up the Omwaana Tugende Children’s Home

Blue House
Green House
Orange House
Red House