FAL Day 2016

In August Adelante Africa celebrated another annual FAL day in Igayaza. The numbers are growing every year and there are now seven different groups.

We were lucky enough to have a range of special guests at this year’s FAL day. The Imam, Pastor Semata, a well- respected evangelical pastor and Fr. Paul Kato, parish priest of Mugalike Parish and the member of Adelante Africa Uganda in charge of the Secondary School Sponsorship Programme along came along to enjoy the festivities. In a country where religion is central to people’s lives, it is important that these leaders from different religions and churches came together at an Adelante Africa event.

On the secular side, apart from the Ugandan Minister for Economic Monitoring, the new District Community Development Officer, the Director of the Human Rights NGO, World Voices, the President and Secretary of Adelante Africa Spain and the Chairman of the Board of Adelante Africa Uganda and his wife also attended.

And, of course, the FAL members from the seven groups were there, all in their different coloured T-shirts. It was a great day with drama, dance, song, lunch and football and netball matches.

Below you can see some of the highlights from the day.

Kavule FAL dance
Kisiija FAL in their new t-shirts
Tidying up!
Walking home after an energetic day