Farmers’ Co-operatives

Adelante Africa is sponsoring two farmers’ co-operatives. Each group has 30 or so members. They are linked to a project run by World Vision to give long-term loans to farmers in the area to help them to pay for two tractors.

In order to qualify for this project each farmer had to contribute an initial 103,000 UGX (around 28 euros). Adelante Africa helped each member with a donation of around 5 euros each and gave a short-term loan to members who needed to wait until harvest to be able to pay the World Vision fee. We are also giving loans to groups of members who want to hire land to use the tractor to prepare it for planting sunflower. At the same time we are guaranteeing them a price for the sunflower seeds at harvest time.

Co-operative members with their official certificates
Presentation of the World Vision tractors
World Vision tractors