Building the Adelante Africa Secondary School

Good news for the New Year:
The building work of the first phase of the Adelante Africa Secondary School is nearly finished! There is just the completion of the face brick walls and the painting of some of the buildings to be done.


The water pipes bringing water up from the Adelante Africa borehole have now been installed and we are hoping that REA (the Rural Electrification Agency) will be true to their word and provide the school with electricity.

All the buildings of the Secondary school were up by September 2016 and members of the Adelante Africa Spain Board went out to Uganda to meet with the Board there and select teachers for the school in November 2016.


Meet the new Head Teacher – in high spirits despite the downpour!

Money raised for the first phase has not stretched as far as we had hoped. This is mainly due to the school being on a hill, which has meant having to build a road over a stream and to get water and electricity up to the buildings. As a result, it is unlikely that the laboratories will be finished and equipped this year.


See the evolution of the project in the pictures below.

Leading the secondary school project with locals
Digging the road up to the site
Levelling the site
The machine loaned by the District
A happy President and Secretary of AA
Prospective teachers
The foundations have been laid
and the walls are up!
the roof is put on
Essential parts are carried to the site
Leveling the floor before cementing
painting the classrooms
The school is taking shape!

The preliminary stages were completed by January 2016. The land had been bought and the road to the site was built (with the help of the District who lent us a machine). This was not easy as the road crosses a swamp that becomes a river in the rainy season. The plans for the individual buildings and a site plan were drawn up, an engineer was chosen to build the school and the bricks were ordered and the building begun!

Everyone involved is looking forward to the opening of the school in February 2017!

Help us to finish furnishing the school here.