Sponsor a child through Secondary Education (€15-30/month) // Financiar la educación de un alumno de secundaria (€15-30/mes)

Sponsor a child at Omwaana Tugende Children's Home (€10/month) // Apadrinar a un niño del hogar infantil Omwaana Tugende (€10/mes)

Sponsor a F.A.L. Group Teacher (€15/month) // Apadrinar a un profesor de grupo de F.A.L. (€15/mes)

(Article 28) // (Artículo 28º)

All the Association’s membership, including the members of its Governing Body shall carry out their activity in and for Adelante Africa, without any remuneration from the Association whatsoever. // Todos los socios de la Asociación, incluidos los miembros de su Junta Directiva, desarrollarán su actividad en y para Adelante África sin remuneración alguna de la Asociación.

Claire’s Swim for Adelante Africa

On 9th July 2017, Claire Wood will swim from the island of Tabarca to Santa Pola (6 km) in order […]

Vitamin A and Albendazole campaign

In November 2016, Adelante Africa carried out the Vitamin A and Albendazole campaign in the Birembo sub-county, with the collaboration […]

World Vision’s Dance & Theatre Competition

St Joseph’s has a great reputation in the area and school numbers are growing. There are well over 500 children […]

Bunora Sunflower Oil

The Bunura Oil Press is now producing large quantities of sunflower oil and animal feed. It is even becoming popular […]

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